The objective of Machine Vision is:

to acquire images showing features that can be distinguished in an automatic fashion through image processing

to implement a decision based on the found features

to communicate a result or command that controls a robot, conveyor reject mechanism or other machine

Machine Vision has a long tradition based on digital cameras taking gray scale 2D images, much like an old fashion photograph before there were color film. This old fashion technology has limitations in that it only see contrast and is therefore sensitive to lighting condisions and certain colors. Over the last decade, technology has taken a great leap in Machine Vision and help knowledgable System Designers to develop systems that can make decisions based on color, shape and density as well as on contrast. This allows for more robust solutions as well as solutions to new fields of applications.

Even though we use the more old fashion 2D technology when it is the right choice, 3D-Integration takes great pride in providing the technology most suitable for each application. As our name indicate we have been exceptionally successfull in the field of 3D-vision and have roots in the triangulation based 3D technology.

In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence, has become essential to make machine vision a lot easier to use. For 3D-Integration that means less time to achieve robust solutions, which makes complicated solutions more affordable.

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