Since the technology we specialize in is so universal and can be applied in so many different industries, each application needs some degree of customization. In 2D-vision the exact same application in different parts of the same room may have different lighting conditions, which require software adjustments.
It takes an experienced and knowledgable System Designer to make the best possible system solution using the most suitable components and develop software, communication protocols, brackets, and circuits that result in robust solutions.

Knowledge is the key

The flexibility that technology allows for has a drawback in that it requires an enormous amount of knowledge to be successful. Many fields of science and engineering disiplines are involved in each system solution. It takes a thorough understanding of the application at hand and how to interface with the surrounding industrial environment. It takes experience in designing robust systems that can handle environmental requirements, temperature differences, electromagnetic noise, ambient lighting changes as well as user influences. Systems need to follow codes and standards and have long life expectancy.

The system designer needs to be experienced in advanced mathematics & geometry, programming, physics and optics, communication and user interfaces, design, mechanics and control theory.
Often end users try to develop solutions on their own and get overwhelmed by the vast knowledge requirements, which end up costing more time and money for an inferior solution compared to using a professional from the start.

When chosing a system provider, always ask for references and certifications.

Please, consider us for your next Factory Automation project.