Factory Mechanization is the field of providing human operators with machinery to assist them with the muscular requirements of work.

Factory Automation takes this trend two steps further adding sensors and/or cameras to complement human sensory and adding control systems to help making fast and accurate decisions.

A common misconception is that factory automation replace workers with machines. 3D-Integration has as policy to never accept an automation job where the purpose is to cut down the work force. The knowledge of the production process is most important for any factory, regardless of industry. We provide automated solutions that improve quality, productivity and profit. We need the skilled workers at our customers on our side to do so and in return we often retrain them for more interesting tasks where our customer get better use out of their most important resource.

A System Designer combine sensors, cameras, control systems and information technologies with mechanical systems to reduce the need for human intervention in each production step. Combining well designed and integrated system solutions with skilled workers is not only reducing production cost. It is the best way to achieve maximum quantity of maximum quality products...every day.

Please, consider us for your next Factory Automation project.